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Why should you join the South Dakota Engineering Society (SDES) and more than 35,000 of your colleagues as a member of the National Society of the Professional Engineers (NSPE)?

  • NSPE and SDES open doors to valuable personal and professional contacts.
  • NSPE and SDES work to enhance your profession's public image.
  • NSPE and SDES give you free career advancing information.
  • NSPE and SDES care about your continuing education and career development.
  • NSPE and SDES offer opportunities to earn Professional Development Hours.
  • NSPE and SDES promote math and science to children.
  • NSPE and SDES promote licensure to non-licensed engineers.


South Dakota Engineering Society has several levels of membership for your convenience. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us or review our Frequently Asked Questions.


New Members 

If you are a new member and would like to join over 250 of South Dakota's best and brightest engineers along with over 35,000 of the world's most talented and respected engineers, see the types of membership available and apply online. Your application and dues include membership in NSPE, SDES and one of three local chapters, based on your location in the state.     

Recent Graduates

One of the membership options offered by SDES/NSPE is a discounted membership for recent college graduates of ABET-accredited schools and/or programs. If you are a qualified recent graduate, you  may join SDES/NSPE at a discounted rate, up to 80% off of full dues, depending upon year of graduation. Recent graduates pay:

  • 20% of full dues the year they graduate. 
  • 40% of full dues in year two after graduation.
  • 60% of full dues  in year three after graduation.
  • 80% of full dues  in year four after graduation.
  • 100% of full dues  in year five after graduation.

Visit the NSPE Graduated Dues page to find out more and to apply for membership.

Student Membership

Engineering students qualify for a FREE SDES/NSPE student membership if you are:

  • a student enrolled full-time in an ABET-accredited engineering program,
  • a student enrolled in an engineering or pre-engineering program that has a transfer agreement with one or more ABET accredited engineering programs, or
  • a student enrolled full-time in a graduate-level engineering program.
Visit the NSPE Student Membership page to find out more and to apply for membership.

Current Members 

If you are currently a Full Member (NSPE/SDES/Chapter) and need to renew your membership, log into the NSPE website to renew today.

If you are a State Only (SDES/Chapter) member and it is time to renew your membership, we encourage you to upgrade your status to a Full Member (NSPE/SDES/Chapter) and gain access to a host of NSPE benefits by logging into the NSPE website.


If you were a State Only (SDES/Chapter) member prior to July 1, 2018, and your membership has not lapsed, you may renew your State Only membership via this website today or by mailing your renewal to SDES. To renew online, enter your email and password in the bottom left corner of the Home page and click on the Log In button. After successfully logging in, you should be immediately linked to the renewal page. You may also click on the Balance Due message in the lower right corner of the website to link to the renewal page. 

Affiliate Members may renew on the Membership Renewal page, after logging into the website.

A State Only Membership is no longer offered for new members. 

Membership Dues 

Membership Type  Levels  Price
 New Membership/Renewal of Existing Membership  NSPE/SDES/Local Chapter  $299.00
 1st Year Following Graduation  NSPE/SDES/Local Chapter
 2nd Year Following Graduation  NSPE/SDES/Local Chapter  $119.60
 3rd Year Following Graduation  NSPE/SDES/Local Chapter  $179.40
 3rd Year Following Graduation  NSNSPE/SDES/Local Chapter  $239.20
 Student Membership  NSPE/SDES/Local Chapter   FREE
 State Only Membership*  SDES/Local Chapter  $120.00

*State Only Memberships are only available for members who held a State Only Membership prior to July 1, 2018, whose membership has not lapsed.


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