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Why Should You Join SDES...
... and more than 20,000 of your colleagues as a member of NSPE?

  • NSPE and SDES open doors to valuable personal and professional contacts.
  • NSPE and SDES work to enhance your profession's public image.
  • NSPE and SDES give you free career advancing information.
  • NSPE and SDES care about your continuing education and career development.
  • NSPE and SDES offer opportunities to earn Professional Development Hours.
  • NSPE and SDES promote math and science to children.
  • NSPE and SDES promote licensure to non-licensed engineers.


South Dakota Engineering Society has several levels of membership for your convenience. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us or review our Frequently Asked Questions.



Current Members

  • NSPE/SDES Full 

 If you are a current member and need to renew your membership click here.


New Members 

  • NSPE/SDES Full 
  • Six Month Free Trial
  • If you are a new member and would like to join click here for a list of membership options and the ability to pay your dues online.  If you wish to pay by check and mail your application and memberhsip dues, please click here for the application as a PDF.  



Recent Graduates & Students

  • Recent Graduates (within 4 years of graduation)
    • Reduced Fees for Full Membership
    • Six Month Free Trial
  • Current Students
    • Free NSPE/SDES Full Membership


If you are a recent graduate or student and would like to join click here. (Online)


If you wish to pay by mail and check and avoid credit card transaction fees by paying online, please click here for the application in pdf.  

Membership Options:


 Membership Type  Levels  Price
 New Membership  NSPE/SDES/Local  $205.00
 Renewal or Previous Member  NSPE/SDES/Local  $253.00
 1st year following Graduation  NSPE/SDES/Local  $50.60
 2nd year following Graduation  NSPE/SDES/Local  $101.20
 3rd year following Graduation  NSNSPE/SDES/Local  $151.80
 4th year following Graduation  NSPE/SDES/Local  $202.40
 Six Month Free Trial Membership*  NSPE/SDES/Local  $0.00

*Six month free trial memberhsip is only available to individuals who are joining NSPE/SDES for the first time. If you were a previous member of SDES or another state society or NSPE, you are welcome to rejoin NSPE/SDES as a dues-paying member at one of the above rates. 


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